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Travel FAQs

If you are considering working as a travel nurse for ProCare, you may be interested in the frequently asked questions listed below. If you have other questions not included here, we would be happy to discuss them with you. Call us at (888) 747-7600 or contact us online.

Becoming a Traveler

What are some of the advantages to being a travel nurse?

Travel nurses can advance their careers by selecting from several companies for contracts, wages and benefits. Perks may include high wages, car allowances, completion bonuses and reward programs. In contrast, a full-time hospital employee receives only the benefits offered by the hospital. Furthermore, new assignments in exciting locations can help prevent burnout and also increase skills and competencies, making the nurse more marketable.

What is the difference between travel and agency nursing?

A travel nurse is a temporary, mobile healthcare provider who accepts contracted assignments in healthcare facilities. These assignments usually last 13 weeks but can vary by mutual agreement. Travel nurses differ from agency nurses in that agency nurses are local healthcare providers with whom hospitals usually contract for single shift assignments; however, travel and agency nurses are both considered per diem employees by the IRS. Travel nurses accept temporary assignments and maintain permanent tax homes as well as travel homes while agency nurses maintain only permanent tax homes.

How do I become a travel nurse with ProCare One Nurses?

The first step is to complete an application form, available online. If you prefer, you can request an application by mail or download one from our web site. You can even fax your resume to (800) 838-4747, submit it online or call us at (888) 747-7600.

What are the eligibility requirements?

You must have a minimum of one year of verifiable clinical experience (varies with facility); good references; and be free of alcohol/drugs (testing required) or any other mental or physical impairment that would limit your performance as a full-time travel professional. Your license(s) must be current, active and in good standing. You must be willing to work four to 13 full-time weeks per assignment. To work a specific assignment, your qualifications must meet the clinical requirements of the facility.

What happens once I submit my application form?

Once we receive your application form, one of our travel specialists will contact you to learn about your priorities. We work with you to find the travel nursing job that best matches your professional skills, goals and lifestyle.

Am I under any obligation once I send in my application?

No. Your application is simply used to qualify you so that we're ready to match you with an assignment if and when you decide you're ready. Once you’re registered, there will always be an exciting travel assignment waiting for you.

When should I start preparing for my travel assignment?

Many of our nurses start within a week of submitting their application. Others like to start looking for an assignment months in advance to give them more opportunity and selection. Either way, if you’re considering working with ProCare, start the application process now so that we can submit you to the facilities and locations you desire.

What about state licensing requirements?

We’ll assist you with licensure in any state you have chosen.

What is the length of the contract?

Your contractual commitment is only for the length of one assignment, typically 13 or 26 weeks. You are only committed to that contract unless you sign an agreement to extend.

May I travel with my pet?

Most assignment locations offer housing that will accommodate cats and small dogs. Large dogs can be accommodated but may limit your options, so be sure to inform your travel specialist.

Pay and Benefits

Do I have a choice in deciding how I am paid?

Our compensation is extremely competitive, with some of the highest pay rates in the industry. (Pay rates vary, depending on the facility.) Ask your travel specialist about sign-on and/or completion bonuses as well as housing subsidies.

How am I paid while working?

ProCare One pays weekly. Direct deposit is the easiest way to receive wages, but checks can be mailed or sent overnight upon your request. If you’re in a tight situation, we also have next day pay available.

How am I paid for referring other nurses to ProCare One Nurses?

The majority of ProCare One nurses join after hearing about us from our current staff. We reward you by paying one of the highest referral bonuses in the industry.

Do you offer health coverage?

We have comprehensive medical, dental and life insurance policies for which you are eligible the first day of the month following the start of your assignment. For example, if your date of hire is May 19, your insurance starts June 1. ProCare will also pay your COBRA expenses from your previous employer so that you won’t lose a day of coverage.

Can I take time off between assignments and keep my health benefits?

You can enjoy full, uninterrupted insurance coverage provided you start your next shift/assignment with us on or before 30 days from the last day of your previous shift/assignment.

Do you have a 401(k) plan?

After 90 days of employment, you are eligible to participate, with no minimum number of hours required.

Do you reimburse license expenses?

We reimburse upon completion of your assignment. Save your proof of payment and send us a copy. We will also pay for you to keep your license as long as you work for us. We also offer a free CEU program that helps you remain current with the industry.

Travel Assignments

Where do you offer travel assignments?

With more than 300 clients in southern California, we have the connections to help you find the assignment you want, where you want it.

How do I know which assignment is best for me?

Our travel specialists will discuss the pros and cons of each job with you and help you narrow your options to the assignments that best fit you. Once you are interested in a particular job, we will then forward your credentials to the facility and schedule a phone interview.

At what point am I committed to the assignment?

After your telephone interview with the facility, call your travel specialist to let him or her know if you want the assignment. We will then discuss your interest with the hiring manager. Your commitment begins only if and when you decide to accept the assignment.

How do I get to my assignments?

Air transportation and a free rental car are included as part of the assignment. If you prefer to drive your own car, you will be provided with a generous travel allowance. ProCare’s travel service team is available to assist you with all of your transportation needs.

Are local contracts an option?

Many of our nurses work at facilities in their own area, earning national traveler wages while living at home. Since we are local to southern California, we are extremely familiar with the market.

Can I travel with a friend?

Definitely. Sharing new places with a friend, spouse or significant other can make the experience all the more memorable.

Private Housing

What is the housing like?

Our dedicated travel service team ensures that you have attractive housing in close proximity to the facility. Because the accommodations are fully furnished, there is no need to pack necessities like housewares and linens. Just focus on exploring the area and feeling comfortable in your new surroundings.

Do I have to use company-provided housing?

You always have the option to arrange your own housing. ProCare One will pay you the maximum amount of housing allowance for your efforts.