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Partner with Us for Your Staffing Needs

With almost 20 years of experience and more than 150 clients in southern California, ProCare One has the expertise to help you maintain safe staffing levels and protect patient revenues. Our full range of solutions not only allows us to meet your objectives, but also to do so cost effectively.

Much more than a staffing agency, ProCare One partners with you through a consultative approach, delivering innovative solutions that address your individual needs. We excel in helping you plan for staffing fluctuations, supplementing your work force efficiently and minimizing personnel costs.

Our Approach

First, we build a customized client profile either over the phone or during a facility visit. This profile will:

  • define your facility (size, beds, acute care, etc.).
  • incorporate the type and volume of services offered and procedures performed.
  • list the type of personnel needed and the skill level required.
  • establish staffing needs (per diem, long-term or travel).


We are available around the clock to address your staffing needs. You will be assigned a staffing manager, based on your profile and location. This manager will know all the details of your facility and personnel requirements.


Our systems use electronically imaged documentation that helps ensure our responsiveness and accountability. Furthermore, we screen all our nurses and check their credentials.


We know nurses and your need for different types in diverse specialties. That’s why we use multiple avenues to attract, recruit and retain a variety of quality nurses, including an extensive database that is continually populated through our southern California branding programs. We also utilize campus outreach programs, professional organizations, and trade shows, among other methods. That way we can ensure that we have the right nurse on hand when your need arises.

Performance Evaluations

Our staffing manger will work with you in evaluating personnel and assessing how well your needs are being met.


Expect us to under-promise and over-deliver. We work in a culture that celebrates exceeding customer expectations.

Whether you need per diem, long-term or travel nurses, ProCare One is here to help address your staffing requirements. Even better, you can rest assured that our nurses will meet or exceed the highest standards and competencies in the industry.

Still have questions? For more information, call (888) 747-7600 or contact us.