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Many healthcare staffing agencies can fill your open positions, but not all have the knowledge or resources necessary to find the best-qualified nursing candidates. At ProCare One, we offer these kinds of advantages to help address your unique needs. Below are some frequently asked questions for you to consider the next time you want to engage an agency.

How long has ProCare One been in the nursing business?

ProCare One has been partnering with California hospitals to address their supplemental staffing needs for more than 25 years. We are experienced, reliable and well integrated into the southern California nursing community.

How do you recruit your nurses?

Instead of waiting for jobs to come to us, we look for candidates we know our clients will need. Our wide geographic recruiting capacity, which includes online and national branding programs, enables us to anticipate your needs. We use reliable initiatives such as our web site, campus outreach programs, professional organizations, advertising, trade shows and career fairs, along with our network of industry contacts. Competitive pay and a generous benefits program enable us to attract and retain critical talent.

How many Clients Do you have?

We are contracted with over 300 facilities on the West Coast and many National health systems.  We partner with some of the nation’s top hospitals. We are successful in retaining our nurses because of our large client base which enables us to offer unique varied assignment options.

What’s the scope of your services?

We are capable of addressing business objectives, such as improved retention,quality, reporting and cost effectiveness for per diem, contract and travel positions.

What distinguishes ProCare One from fly-by-night outfits?

Owned by CareerStaff Unlimited, we are part of one of the largest healthcare staffing organizations in the United States. With more than 25 years of continued profitability, our financial strength ensures our reliability.

Will your nurses meet my compliance standards?

Higher employee standards yield higher quality patient care. That’s why the nurses at ProCare One must pass rigorous hiring criteria and complete a comprehensive orientation. Our agency nurses are well screened and meet JCAHO standards, giving you peace of mind.

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